Why xice?

XICE is the Registered brand owned by Kromtek Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Kromtek is your perfect automation partner. Established in 1999 by professionals and technocrats from the automation industry, Xice has continued to woo the consumers with its cutting-edge technology.

By employing the newest and trending technology in the market place, XICE has carved a niche for itself in the automation industry. Years of expertise, impeccable understanding of the market, quick service response and faster installation are some of the unique features that make Kromtek your perfect choice as an automation companion EXPERIENCE OVER A DECADE

Kromtek started over sixteen years ago, Currently, Kromtek is involved in a major project with LANCO in Hyderabad.

Role Of Service Provider In Home Automation

  • Need of having a consulting approach.
  • Each home is unique and they have their own requirements.
  • That needs expertise in understanding the customer and his unique requirements and program

Tech can change your life

Technology can change the way you live,in ways unimaginable.Our attempt is to illustrate a few common and everyday scenarios where Xice can intervene to make things better.

  • scenario : 1 Entertainment at your finger tips After a busy week at work, you are in a mood to unwind. A cup of coffee in your hand, letting the comfort of cozy sofa gently wrap around you, all you want is to chill. Now, you feel like watching a movie. Well, the hassle is, you'll need to get up close the curtains, find remotes, turn off lights, turn on the power and then watch the movie. That is where Xice intervenes. With a single touch, without moving an inch from the comforts of where you sit, lights can dim, curtains can fall and the movie can start playing.
  • scenario : 2 A home that will welcome you To be the first to enter a locked home does not always feel delightful. With curtains pulled down and lights off rooms could be dark and dispiriting. Instead, imagine unlocking the door to lights turning on, curtains drawing up and to your favourite music playing. Just unlocking your front door can automatically transform your home to an exciting and welcoming foyer, That is what Xice can do.
  • scenario : 3 Keep an eye on your valuables wherever you are Valuables in a locker at home is something that can wreck your peace of mind, however easy going you are. What if you could have an eye on your locker wherever you are. Xice can do that. Xice can design systems that can send email/sms/whatsapp alerts to your phone the moment there is any extraordinary activity near your locker. You can identify the reason of the activity by looking at the pictures captured and send to you instantaneously. The systems can be also designed to directly alarm concerned security authorities to abort any untoward incident. Get Xice, It is almost like having a 24 hour security guard.
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