We live in a world pampered by technology that comes in all hues. From the snap of the finger to a touch of a button, technology defines comfort and convenience. Catering to the needs of mankind, technology has amplified the living standards to an unfathomable level. Technology weaves magic to make our life exciting, cosy and entertaining.

Technology Trends in Home Automation

Wireless Technology

Unlike the older times, home automation today is a lot more improved; with its Z- wave technology, wireless and mesh topology, home automations are smart and chic.

Decor-Friendly Gadgets

Home automations blend seamlessly with decors and add an aesthetic relish to you rooms. With sleek and modern designs, XICE caters to gratify your technological requisites.

Programmable or Zone-Based Thermostats

Well, this innovative programmable or zone based-thermostat technology enables you to manage your room temperature with a touch of your smart phone or tablet. Intriguing, isn't it?

Fully Customizable

Create your own Rules and Schedules

Automated Door Locks

Losing your door key is annoying. Well, worry no more! With automated door locks, you can do away with keys and unlock the doors by simply using your smart phones.

Advanced Security Systems

Security system is a trending feature in home automations. You can now keep a check on your kids even while being away from home with just a touch of a button. Xice ensures you a peace of mind with its advanced security systems.

Z-Wave Technology

Z- Wave is a leading technology used in home automations. This cutting-edge technology has augmented all home automation devices. Being a one-touch technology, Z- wave not just makes your life simple but also delightful.

This technology is all about reliability and maintaining standards. Using ITU-TG 9959 PHY/MAC with protocol stack from SIGMA designs and international standard of Z-wave Alliance, reliability of this technology is tough and undoubted.

What makes this technology a class apart from other technology is its interoperability. Being the core of Z-wave, interoperability is built at the application level. The technology spoils you with a plethora of choice as it seamlessly blends regardless of product brand or application. All products that carry the Z-Wave brand are guaranteed to be backward compatible, always interoperable and future proof.

Providing reliable security, z-wave technology spoils you with extravagance. Controlling your room conditions, delegating your curtain patterns, managing the illuminations, keeping your home secured, and what not! A click of a button does it all. Also the mesh networking ensures better and robust connectivity to multiple devices. Up to 232 Z-wave devices can connect to a Z-wave hub, thus making it ideal for homes and small businesses. So, why not indulge in some technological luxury with z-wave.

Advantages of Z-Wave Technology

Z wave technology comes with a lot of perks to make you living pleasant, comfortable and secure. Developed for wireless control of home appliances such as lights, sensors, door locks, thermostats and the like; Z-wave technology defines smart living. With reliable and secure communication, low power consumption, remote control features, interoperability and affordability, the bonuses are aplenty for this innovative technology.

  • Flexibility and modularity One of the benefits of Z-wave technology is its wireless technology that does not require any additional cabling. Changes can be made after installation thus making it flexible and adaptable.
  • Affordability In comparison with other technologies, Z-wave has an added advantage–affordability. The installation does not require any special contractor and maintenance is comparatively affordable. Worry no more for this technology cares for the money in your wallet.
  • Reliability and security Z-Wave technology is significantly secure and reliable. The Z-Wave standard requires that every communication is acknowledged (ACK), this criteria is generously met making it significantly secure and reliable. Protection of sensitive information and data is an integral feature of this technology.
  • Wireless signal range With a wave frequency of 865.22MHz, Z-Wave technology does not suffer interference issues from other devices like microwave, Wi-Fi, phones, etc.Also, meshtechnology in Z-Wave ensures a hassle free connectivity. The more Z-Wave devices in your home, the bigger the range size of the Z-wave network.
  • Interoperability and availability of devices Z-Wave is currently the most widely used home automation technology in the world. At present there are over 900 products offered by more than 250 manufacturers around the globe. And what's most important? All Z-Wave devices are fully interoperable. That means you are not tied to a single manufacturer when implementing a home automation solution. So your investment is better protected compared to using a proprietary solution from a single manufacturer.
  • Energy efficiency With energy resources depleting it is quintessential to conserve energy. Energy efficiency is central to Z-wave technology.Z-wave devices are optimized for energy efficiency with a typical battery life of one year and more. All Z-Wave devices havevery low electromagnetic emissions, thus making it consciousof health andenvironment.
  • Xice Technological Expertise

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      With thirty years of experience in technology and communication systems,Jose V. Joseph is the Director of Kromtek. Having worked with the state and central government and also with multi-national companies, Jose has a coveted experience in automation technology. Working with organizations like, ISRO, Keltron, Star TV and Tata Sky has further chiselled his technological skills. By maintaining steady relations with several international manufacturing companies, Jose has also proved his expertise as an entrepreneur.
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