Technology For Joy

Sit back and relax as you watch your home transform into a movie theatre at the touch of a button.

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Technology For Leisure

Time at home, is time to relax. Every little thing will feel like a task when you are in a mood to wind down after a busy day at work. That is where we make ourselves useful to you.

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Technology For peace

Happiness is impossible without peace of mind. With technology the house can protect itself in case of even a minor disturbance and alert you wherever you are... relax and focus on what you do

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Technology For savings

Intelligent management of electric equipment's result in substantial reductionof power consumption. Sometimes even to the level of 30%!!

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Technology For care

Our control and monitoring systems help you to keep an eye on children and old parents from even from a remote location. Our systems are most simple and friendly even for their use

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Xice has developed state of art technology solutions for builders and developers that help them in all stages of project. I.e. from construction phase to the handover. Our solutions also enhance the overall security of the work site and enhanced value for money for client. We had implemented solutions to many leading clients across India and Middle east and renowned for our expertise in low-voltage solutions.

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Customer Care

We value our customer relations and give importance to the after sales service

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